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Quotes To call Absolutely Ballroom absolutely fabulous is not good enough, Absolutely Ballroom is run by a group of professionals who know their job and do it well. They are patient, polished, and proficient in the area of dance. Matthew, our instructor, allows us to make our mistakes without judgement, just soft corrections on our technique. He is a delight to work with each week. Caleb is another instructor who teaches with direction rather than criticism. We are a happy couple who are pleased with our lessons and our progress. We do heartily recommend Absolutely Ballroom to any dancers who wish to sharpen their skills. Beginning to experienced, this is the place to go for honing your skills. Quotes
Gayle and Holley

Quotes Absolutely Ballroom has been a Godsend for me! The studio not only has the best instructors, but they give you personal warmth, instill confidence, praise you affectionately and make you feel special! All these wonderful amenities make your dance lesson at Absolutely Ballroom a rejuvenating, healthy, happy experience! Try it, you will feel young and love it! Quotes
Margaret R.

Quotes Matthew--Thanks for the great instruction on the Laendler! Quotes
The Laendler

Quotes There is always something new to learn. It's a very comfortable environment and a safe place to dance. I cannot think of any other place to learn ballroom dancing. Quotes
Aida A.